The key advantage REBELLiON offers to riders down the road is offering custom models to meet the specific needs of a local group of commuters while also standardizing the structural and electrical components.   Supporting individuals through their organization enables offering a consistent stock of replacement tires, grips, batteries and tires readily available and directly to you.

The examples above represent a popular solution for the employees of a local financial services company.  Working with the “Sustainability Employee Resource Group” we evaluated the 10 mile radius from their headquarters and selected the two models above for initial testing and trials for their bicycle commuters.

On the left is the 26″ Mag Wheel version and on the right is the 29″ wire spoke version. Other than that, the bikes are identical with a low cross-bar section which allows for greater flexibility in accommodating different height commuters.  Both range approximately 20 miles on a single charge and a peddle-assisted top speed of 25 MPH.

You’ll also notice we have tested a seat mounted rear rack for those commuters who prefer panniers to backpacks.  We’ve also mounted a thermos bottle onto the front fork which is the perfect location for the morning cup of coffee on the ride to work.

We believe this operating model supports the highest quality of product, convenient service and lowers the cost to put more riders on the road…and that benefits everyone!

Thanks for supporting REBELLiON!